Moulin by Jean-Paul Daucourt Vodka Seven Times Distilled


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Highlights: Confectionary spice, sweet wheat pastry, and mineral notes
Region: France, Angoulême
Plants: Single Malt
Alcohol: 40 %
Cork: 6 x 75cl, Cork Stopper, Cardboard Box

Clear. Attractive aromas suggest bison grass, whipped cream, pear, anise cookie, and powdered sugar with a satiny, dry-yet fruity medium-to-full body and an intricate interplay of peppery and confectionary spice, sweet wheat pastry, and mineral notes. A world-class vodka that is fantastically expressive, elegant, and flavorful. An ideal vodka for sipping neat, on the rocks, or in Martini.

Please kindly note your final checkout order should reach 30 bottles in total.

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