Portugal Government Benquet Wine Brutalis 2015


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Rather spicy wine with fresh hints of cedar, tobacco leafs, cheery seeds and dark chocolate flavor. With a spicy and long lasting finish, where the smoke and spices from the oak barrels interconnect. White meats, roasts, and intense flavoured cheeses.

Highlights: Full bodied, Tobacco leafs, Cherry seeds, Dark chocolate flavor, high Tannins
Region: Lisboa Portugal
Grapes: 75% Alicante Bouschet 25% Cabernet Sauvignon
Wine Body: Full bodied
Alcohol: 15 %
Breathing: 50 mins minimum
Vivono 4.5 Points
Serving Temperature: 20-25 C
Food Pairing as below:

Each wine minimum order 1 box (depend packing capacity of 4 / 6 btls), and an order total bottles should reach 30 bottles.