DOC Delle Venezie Salatin Pinot Grigio Friuli Grave 2018


Light straw yellow with copper reflections. Intense, harmonious and complex with noticeable citrus, apricot, linden and white flowers scents, following perfumes remind of candied fruits, honey, and biscuits. You can appreciate scents of cherry, apple, mango. All fruity aromas well integrated in an intense mineral structure.

Highlights: Apricot, linden & white flowers, Candied fruits, honey, & biscuits, Cherry, Apple, Mango, Mineral structure
Region: DOC Delle Venezie
Grapes: 100% Pinot Grigio
Alcohol: 12.5 %
Cork: Natural Cork 6 x 75cl Cardboard Box
Breathing: No
Food Pairing as below:

Each wine minimum order 1 box (depend packing capacity of 4 / 6 btls), and an order total bottles should reach 30 bottles.