Blue Wine - Frizzante Baltar Party Grand Blue Wine


The Baltar Grand Blue is a fruity wine still featuring the most noble varieties of grapes, stands out for its aromatic freshness and its pretty blue color achieved through an elaborated process of anthocyanin treatment, complemented by the brilliant blue color to increase its brilliant hue. Well balanced and slight sweetness taste became a harmonious tasting.

Highlights: Lychee, Fruity Flavors, Aromatic Freshness
Region: DOC Rioja
Grapes: 100% Airen (Slightly sweet and fantastic aroma)
Alcohol: 9 %
Cork: Natural Cork 6 x 75cl Cardboard Box
Breathing: No
Note that this wine is selling very good these two years particularly in Telegram, Whatsapp, FB group chatting room…you can’t miss it.
Food Pairing as below:

Each wine minimum order 1 box (depend packing capacity of 4 / 6 btls), and an order total bottles should reach 30 bottles.