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We surely offer the best service and effort for your online shopping service. Our Chairman Mr. Yip, promises to provide the greatest wine selection and the warmest service than others. He has been making much research on our various wine selection. Let’s make friends through all of the wine lovers.

There is lots of information about each product available on this wholesale website. Each product has stated territory, barrel aging, year, capacity, bottle photo, price, catalog number, and short description, and some awards or ratings from authorized agents or speakers. This information can assist you to look for your ideal selection. The website has been designed responsively for cellphone viewing pleasure also. This Shopping Site is fully automatic, select your ideal wine, place it into a shopping cart, then the site will lead you to the payment gateway by using a different payment system. We promise your orders will be delivered to your desk within 48 hours after any order is placed before 10 am weekday.

You are also welcome to join as a member for enjoying discount coupons which this discount activities will take place during the promotion period also. By the way, just a reminder, you can find out the price is low enough which we have to require a minimum or mix order of 30 bottles to fit the low price condition. Thank you very much for your understanding.

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