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Please read carefully about your right for being a member.

Welcome to “www.maplewine.hk” (hereinafter collectively referred to as this online shopping website) to apply to become a member of the e-commerce shopping of Maple International Enterprise Co., Ltd.
(hereinafter referred to as the company): to provide a website based on the membership terms of service, all other announcements on this website, usage specifications and precautions
(hereinafter collectively referred to as “the terms of service”) shopping service (hereinafter referred to as this service).

All users who apply for membership services (hereinafter referred to as members) should read the following terms of use in detail. These terms of use are established to protect the interests of the provider of member services and the interests of all members, and provide the basis for the service. Please read the service methods and terms in detail. When a member completes the registration procedures or starts to use the various member services provided by this website, it is deemed to be aware of, and unconditionally, to fully agree to all the terms of use.

If there are any adjustments, changes or modifications to the relevant member rights and benefits terms of the services, products, marketing, etc. provided by this website, this website will send the relevant information
to your registered account, that is, the email address, as a notice of the changes to the membership terms effective, and this website will also be published on the website. 

It is recommended that you pay attention on it. If you have any doubts or expect to change member users after any adjustment or modification, please call or notify the customer service staff of this website,
such as you without expressing opinions, this website counts 10 days from the email sending date, which means that you have agreed to accept the adjusted or revised agreement.

According to the laws of the Hong Kong government, it is not allowed to sell tobacco and alcohol to minors. If you are a minor under the age of 18, you are not allowed to join as a member or order goods regardless of
whether you have obtained the consent of your parents or guardians. The age must be checked in accordance with the laws of the Hong Kong government when the shipment is delivered personally. 

Please ensure that you have understood the relevant membership terms of this website. When you press to confirm the application, you have agreed to all the information in this membership terms.
According to the electronic signature law, you agree to use electronic documents. As a written consent, and authorize and agree to this website to notify you of amendments and changes to the relevant membership terms by email.

The scope of services provided by the company [www.maplewine.hk] belongs to the company and includes the use of all websites and other services of the flow payment, logistics and information flow platform provided by the company. Its services include, but are not limited to, commodity trading, content browsing, and the use of email or other methods to provide commodity marketing information. 

The company may add, modify or terminate related services according to the actual situation, and will announce it on the company’s website and notify you by email.

The formation of the membership service period means that you fill in the applicant information in “Join Member” and complete the account activation and authentication, and it will start until the date of termination of membership. You need to confirm that the personal information provided during registration is true and correct. 

If your personal information is incorrectly filled or changed, you can correct or update it at any time. If you do not update it in time, you agree that the company will continue to follow your original Login information provides various services. If you log in with false information, the company may suspend or terminate your membership and refuse you to use membership services.

All relevant domain names, network addresses, functions and all other rights enjoyed by membership due to the service provided by this service belong to the company, and you can only use it during the service period according to the terms of service. In addition, it shall not be transferred, transferred, copied, reproduced, disseminated, leased or lent to any third party in any way.

This service only provides services based on the functions and status provided at the time; the company reserves the right to add, modify or cancel all or part of the relevant systems or functions in this service. If you violate the transaction security or the terms of service agreed by the members of this website, or your account and commodity transaction content have doubts or risks, the company may temporarily or permanently terminate your account or account based on the consideration of maintaining transaction security. For the use of membership services, if necessary, remove or delete your membership registration information and membership services. You understand and agree that the company will not be liable for compensation for such improper use.

After you become a member of our company, you are deemed to have agreed that our company may send newsletters or product messages (EDM) from time to time to your registered email address.
If you want to subscribe, stop subscribing or modify the subscription content of the newsletter or product information, you can go to this website [Member Center] to inquire or modify.

When you apply for membership on this website, after you have completed the registration and completed the confirmation and activation of the member account authentication, you can enjoy various online services,
privileges and rights, various preferential methods or activities, such information is available on this website found. In order to protect the rights and interests of members, the company will suspend the member’s use of various online member service functions when the system generates an abnormal situation; when the abnormal situation is resolved, the company will immediately resume the member’s use of various service functions. 

When you use the content of the services on this website, take the transaction data of this website and related websites as the basis. If there is any doubt, use the electronic transaction data as the identification standard. The company reserves the right to apply for, deactivate, modify or terminate various preferential services. The company may update or change relevant information from time to time under the premise of complying with laws and regulations. 

The relevant information shall be subject to the latter update. The company will notify you of relevant changes by email or website announcement.

When you register as a member of this website, you must choose your usual email account as the member account. In addition, you must choose a set of passwords for personal identification. In order to protect your transaction security, you can change your personal password according to your personal needs. If you want to change your personal password, you can change it by yourself in the member center of this website; after the change, you must use the new password next time you log in to this website You can continue to use this service.

This website will use the email account you provided as the member account. Please be sure to fill in the member information in detail, and do not log in repeatedly or create different accounts with the same personal information. It is recommended that the password you set on this website and the password of the email account you provide should be different to prevent others from embezzling or fraudulent use. For this website, each combination of the member account and password represents an individual user, and their behavior in using the services of this website is regarded as your own behavior.

You must properly set up, maintain and keep your member account and password, and you must log out every time you use this service to prevent others from embezzling; in the process of using this service, you must use this member account and responsible for all actions performed by the password, please do not disclose or provide your account number and password to a third party, especially the password, so as to avoid illegal use by others.

Responsible for any loss. This means that if you disclose your personal information, member password or payment information, and give a third person the opportunity to use it, you must take full responsibility for the third person’s actions. After you have used the various service functions provided by this website, you must remember to log out. If you are sharing your computer with others or using a public computer, remember to close the browser window. 

If you choose to purchase by credit card, you must fill in the exact credit card information. If there is any false login or any unauthorized use of the cardholder’s credit card, this website can suspend or terminate its membership. If it violates relevant laws, it will also be investigated in accordance with the law. In order to protect the privacy and rights of members, this website does not retain financial information such as credit card numbers registered by members on the website.

If you discover or reasonably suspect that a third person uses your membership information, you should immediately notify the company so that the company can take appropriate response measures as soon as
possible, but the above response measures shall not be interpreted as the company’s express or implied treatment to you Bear any form of compensation or compensation responsibility or obligation. This website may allow you to view or click on links to external websites or advertisements. When you browse the website or advertisements, please pay attention to network security. The company does not guarantee or be responsible for this external website.

Regarding your membership registration information and other specific personal information (such as transaction information, etc.), it will be protected and regulated by the “Privacy Policy” of this website. If you want to know how the company protects your personal information, please refer to this website ” Privacy protection”. Regarding the personal data you have logged in or saved, you will never disclose your name, address, e-mail address and information to anyone other than the company’s relevant business partners (hereinafter referred to as “strategic partners”) without your consent. Other personal data protected by law. For the purpose of
providing marketing, market analysis, statistics or research, or for the purpose of providing member personalized services, commodity services, after-sales service and other value-added services, you agree to the company and its strategic partners to use, record and save And use the data and records that you keep or generate on this website, and at the same time, you may disclose or use statistical data without disclosing the data.

Regarding the personal data that you have registered or kept, the company and the outsourcing and cooperating companies will use them within the scope of the specific purpose announced and take appropriate security measures to protect them, but under the following circumstances, the company may Will provide your personal information to relevant agencies, or claim that their rights have been infringed and remind third parties of official documents of judicial agencies:

(1) It is required by law or by judicial organs and other competent organs based on legal procedures;

(2) To protect the lawful rights and interests of other members or third parties in an emergency;

(3) To protect the security of the membership service system or the legitimate rights and interests of the operators;

(4) To promote public interest;

(5) To avoid danger to members’ life, body, freedom or property.

(6) You make purchases with merchants through this service, or redeem gifts, sweepstakes, etc., resulting in necessary information that must be provided to gold flow and logistics partners

(7) To maintain the normal operation of the membership service system.

(8) The user has any violation of government laws or these terms of service.

(9) To prevent major harm to the rights and interests of others.

(10) Subject to your consent.

By applying for membership of this website, you agree that the company may use the member’s personal information and related purchase information within the scope of specific purposes for operating business and providing member personalized services, commodity services, after-sales service and other value-added services Through the member’s mobile phone and email address, to:

(1) Sending physical DM, promotional materials, questionnaires, discount coupons

(2) Sending electronic DM, promotional materials, questionnaires, discount coupons

(3) Telephone interview or telephone notification of event information

(4) Mobile SMS

(5) Provide various event content services and marketing information from time to time in the form of community website information.


If you do not want to receive product activity information services, you can go to this website [Member Center] to inquire or modify, or call the company to notify the company, and the company will stop sending various information at your request. You agree that the company and the company’s strategic partners may record, preserve and use the information and records you keep or generate in the company, and at the same time, may disclose or use statistical information without disclosing the information.

(1) Purpose of collection: the scope of use for the purpose of providing marketing, market analysis, statistics, research, or providing value-added services such as member personalized services, commodity services, and after-sales services.

(2) Use period: from the day when the applicant agrees to become a member of the company to the day when the company or the member proposes to terminate the company’s membership agreement.

(3) Utilization area, object and method, the company will process and use personal data within the scope of the specific purpose collected.

(4) You are free to choose whether to provide your relevant personal data, or those who have already provided it can also write to the company to request that the company not use it, but if you choose not to provide the data content, it may affect the relevant member’s personalized services, product services, The scope of use of value-added services such as after-sales service.


The member parties may, in accordance with the law, request the company in writing to exercise the following rights regarding their personal data:

(1) Inquiry or request for reading

(2) Making copies

(3) Supplement or correction

(4) Request to stop collection, processing or utilization.

(5) Request for deletion.

You can also log in to your account and password on the company’s “Member Center” webpage to view your personal data files online. If you entrust someone to log in on your behalf, you will be fully responsible. If you plan to delete your membership information and withdraw from the company’s membership, you can submit a valid identification document to the company for a written application, and the company will process it within 15 days after receiving the application.

Personal data protection, based on the corporate social responsibility to members and customers, and compliance with laws and regulations, the company promises to achieve the following for the personal data of customers directly or collected by the company’s operations:

(1) Only process personal data that meets the company’s specific legal goals

(2) Only collect and process personal data that meets the minimum requirements for specific goals.

(3) Provide the parties with clear information about the scope and object of personal data used

(4) Keep personal information accurate and updated, and only keep personal information that complies with laws, regulations and legal purposes of the organization

(5) Respect the rights of the parties to their personal information, including access to their personal information

(6) Ensure the security of all customers’ personal data

(7) Exempt applications permitted by relevant laws and regulations on personal data protection

(8) Develop and construct a personal data management system to complete the construction of this policy

The software or programs used on this website, and all the programs and programs presented on the website (including but not limited to pictures, trademarks, logos, website structure, website screen composition, web design, information, data, etc.) are all owned by Open Cart Company or Other right holders have their intellectual property rights in accordance with the law. Without the prior legal authorization of the company or other rights holders, no one may use, modify, reproduce, publicly broadcast, modify, distribute, distribute, publish, perform restoration engineering, decompilation or reverse assembly translation, transmission, Edit or use in any other form for any purpose. 

Anyone who wants to quote or reprint the aforementioned software, programs or website content must obtain the prior written consent of the company’s other rights holders in accordance with the law, otherwise, he shall bear the relevant legal responsibility.

When you use this service, all data records in the course of use should be based on the data recorded in the service database. In the event of any dispute, both parties will submit their stored electronic data records in the utmost sincerity to the court or a fair third party for determination. If you violate these terms of service or relevant laws and regulations, and the company and related performance assistants suffer damages or expense (including but not limited to freight, processing costs, litigation costs and attorney fees), you shall be liable for compensation.


Credit card online swiping: The company uses the world’s most advanced SSL (Secure Socket Layer) 256-bit transmission security encryption mechanism dedicated to financial institutions and banks, and uses the global security authentication service provided by Paypal to protect netizens on this shopping site The transaction is safe. The credit card information provided by the member during checkout will not be reserved on this website. It will only be transmitted to the bank in real time for authorization. Members can make 100% assured shopping on this website.

The system or function of this website may be temporarily suspended or interrupted due to “routine” maintenance, reconfiguration, or changes. The company will notify you by an announcement or other appropriate means before the suspension or interruption.

The company maintains the normal operation of this website and provides this service using methods and techniques generally considered reasonable by current science and technology. However, in any of the following situations, the company will suspend or interrupt all or part of the service without obligation to notify you in advance.

Any direct or indirect damages shall not be liable for any compensation or compensation:

(1) Based on the company’s operational needs, this service must stop providing all or part of the service;

(2) When moving, replacing, upgrading, maintaining or repairing software and hardware equipment related to this service;

(3) When the user has any violation of government laws or these terms of service;

(4) When services are stopped or interrupted due to natural disasters or other force majeure factors;

(5) When the information on this service is incorrectly displayed, or is forged, altered, deleted or retrieved, or the system is interrupted or cannot operate normally due to reasons not under the control of the company;

(6) Other circumstances where the service is stopped or interrupted due to reasons not attributable to the company.

When the company’s foreseeable hardware and software maintenance plans may cause system interruption or suspension, we will try our best to announce on this website in an appropriate manner before the situation occurs. This website is only available for your use based on the existing items, functions and status quo at the time the service is provided. The company does not not responsible for any guarantee, guarantee or damages.

When you are using this service, if there are (including but not limited to) providing wrong or false information for member login, stealing credit card without your permission, failing to pick up the goods at the designated place within the notice period for no reason The company’s ratio, malicious return of goods not due to the defect of the item itself, continuously, when claiming to the company’s customer service department for issues that are not related to services and items, or other violations of the terms of service, the purpose of this website and the spirit of member service, the company may suspend, terminate or refuse to provide members and all other services. .

You hereby promise that, for any reason, when the company terminates your membership service in accordance with these terms of service, you will not need your consent, and the company will not be liable or responsible for you or any third party.


In order to notify you of relevant information, the company will use the email address you saved on this website during registration as the delivery method. If your email address changes, you should log in to this website immediately to update your information, and you should maintain your email address and other information at any time in the future.

The correctness, timeliness and completeness of personal data. If the email address you keep is wrong, expired, or other reasons that are not attributable to the company, the message delivered by the company is unacceptable, it is still deemed that the company has completed the delivery of the notice.


The interpretation, supplementation and application of the agreed terms shall be governed by the Hong Kong E-commerce Law. In these terms of service, if all or part of any clause is invalid, it will not affect the validity of other agreements. The rights and obligations between you and the company are determined in accordance with the terms of service. In the event of any dispute, both parties should show the utmost sincerity, and negotiate and resolve them in accordance with the principles of honesty, credibility, equality and reciprocity. If necessary for litigation, both parties agree to review by the Hong Kong court.