Carlo & Sylvia DOCG D'Asti Moscato 2018


Carlo & Sylvia produces high quality Moscato d’Asti Gankou sparkling white wine. The clear golden color, the unique lychee and violet aroma with the bubble slowly radiate, pouring into the mouth, the entire mouth is immediately filled with fresh and sweet grapes, lychee and honey taste, the acidity makes the whole more balanced and lively.

Highlights: Lychee, Violet, Honey
Region: D’Asti
Grapes: 100% Moscato
Alcohol: 5 %
Cork: Natural Cork 6 x 75cl Cardboard Box
Breathing: No
Food Pairing as below:

Each wine minimum order 1 box (depend packing capacity of 4 / 6 btls), and an order total bottles should reach 30 bottles.